About Us

We believe filmmaking is for everyone. Video gives us a glimpse into other lives. Stories, fantasies, cultures, experiences. And the making of them is fascinating.

If you have a phone with a camera, you can create a short film (the quality might not be tip-top, but the means are there). Everyone can watch a movie or a music video or a documentary. The act isn’t an elitist one. It’s inclusive and it’s accessible. And that’s exciting.


Iconic Steps came to life in 2011 when our founder, Victoria Ijeh, decided to use her Award winning filmmaking experience to create a course that would show others how to do the same and, most importantly, get them connected to people in the industry, creating those vital networks that can take them far.

Victoria was primarily interested in people just like herself, who needed the extra helping hand – a push in the right direction to fulfil their creative needs.

Not only that, but the arts are an expensive business! Resources are required and contacts need to be made. These are some barriers that need to be overcome. Our hope is to help young people jump them.

We began working with young people not in education or work, hoping to instil in them the sense of confidence that comes with working creatively. See, it’s a mind-set thing, working in the arts. It’s all about self-belief and the way you view potential pitfalls. We wanted to coach young people through this process while also helping them get experience and into employment.

Along the way, Victoria was approached to speak on a panel held by the Runnymede Trust and create a couple of documentaries for them. This prompted her to set up a separate arm of Iconic Steps. Since then, we’ve worked with several companies and artists to produce visual content on a high-quality scale. Our students help us produce the content too, enabling them to build up their portfolios while receiving an income, as well as enabling companies to support the growth of young, independent filmmakers.

We’re not just about the training. We’re about ground-breaking video, too – the video that you deserve. Year on year, both facets of Iconic Steps have been going from strength to strength. Here’s to a bright future.