Current Courses

The Iconic Steps team is intent on creating revolutionary content and pooling our skills to cultivate the talents of the producers of tomorrow. We provide exceptional training courses for budding filmmakers and daydreamers aged 16 to 25, all geared towards ensuring financial stability and goosebump-inducing futures for our youths, and we are excited to have links with the British Film Institute and various production companies.

We take our training courses a step further with our Industry Insights. These days are aimed at helping our students navigate the industry. From work experience, master classes with professionals and motivational talks, to networking opportunities, CV workshops and alumni updates, we’re here to help you build your creative future.

Below are the courses and opportunities we are currently offering:

Documentary-Making (29th July – 3rd August 2019)

This is for the aspiring Kevin McDonalds among us. Those who hear a story and feel their creative urges become restless, knowing they can’t keep it to themselves. The course will spur you on as you learn how to brainstorm and pitch documentary ideas and then run with a chosen concept. In a group, and under the guidance of an expert tutor within the industry, you will make crucial contacts, set up interviews, film vox pops and ultimately edit a final cut, which will be screened at our Celebration Gala.

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Music Video Production (5th – 10th August 2019)

If MTV is your channel of choice and you’re a critical viewer of music videos (you wonder how they achieved such an innovative shot, or you’re convinced your concept would have made more sense…), this course is for you. You’ll choose the music from a selection of tracks sent in by artists themselves.

Together with a group of other students, and with support from an expert tutor within the industry, you’ll create a video. You’ll reach out, make contacts and have a vital hand in bringing your music video concept to technicoloured life. Your final video will then be used by the artist to promote their music and will also have a screening at our Celebration Gala.

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Advertising (12th – 17th August 2019)

We’re all familiar with the classic TV ads. The ones that stick in everyone’s minds and are still talked about years later. Cadbury’s drumming gorilla. The Bisto gravy sigh. The Coca-Cola advert that lets us know Christmas is here again. If you dream of having a hand in such timeless pieces of video, this is the course for you. You’ll be working with two companies.

They know their products can sell, and sell well – but they want your help. You’ll meet reps from the brands and brainstorm concepts with the aim of communicating their ideas and selling their products. The final ideas will then be filmed, edited, screened in the BFI and maybe even used by the companies themselves.

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Industry Insight (21st - 24th August 2018)


Our Industry Insights events take place throughout the year and are primarily targeted towards our alumni but all are welcome. The main Industry Insights workshops take place during the summer, over three jam-packed days, the aim is to equip you with the extra skills and contacts you’ll need to navigate the industry.

You’ll have opportunities to network with industry professionals, meet Iconic Steps alumni, attend master classes and learn about work experience and employment opportunities.

Industry Filmmaking/Winter Course (14th – 18th January 2019)

Interested in FREE Filmmaking Masterclasses? Struggling with lack of contacts within the industry? Or eager to learn a new skill and put it into practice? Then come and join our Industry Filmmaking Course!

Together with a group of other students, and with professional mentoring from our expert tutor within the industry, you will have opportunities to reach out, make contacts and have a vital hand in creating a short film in the British Film Institute.


We feel that everyone is capable of living happier, confident, more fulfilling lives. One of the ways we aim to help you achieve this is through self-expression. And what better way than through the medium of film? We are developing a number of courses with other organisations looking at this, so keep an eye on this page.

For more information on what we offer and to find out the dates of our upcoming courses, please get in touch.