Unlocking Possibilities: Discover Career Flexibility in TV with Iconic Steps

Starting your career journey can be a hard task, we totally get it. That’s why at Iconic Steps, we’ve got your back and we’re here to make this path easier through our practical and educational courses. 

Our mission? Empower you with hands-on experience and invaluable networking opportunities that’ll give you the tools and connections to shine in the creative industry, with the added bonus of flexibility. 

Just ask Alumni Ella Dennis, who found herself swiftly connected to a flexible dream role just one month after completing an Iconic Steps course. Ella had always struggled with the lack of a clear career path, confessing, “I never knew what my next job would be, and I didn’t look past planning more than a couple of years ahead.” However, her desire to work in the captivating world of TV and film led her to enrol in one of our transformative commercial production courses. 

Reflecting on her journey, Ella professed, “Iconic Steps helped give me direction because there isn’t an obvious path into TV and film, and it gave me something to aim towards.” The intensive five-day course brought Ella and five others together to not only produce a remarkable commercial for Stratford Youth Zone.  They delivered a top-quality product and forged lasting connections. Talk about teamwork! Ella attested, “The course was not only practically useful, as I was able to make good connections, but the mentoring also offered extra support in finding job opportunities.”  

Director Sunny Bahia, who was the tutor for the commercial production course, recognised Ella’s exceptional potential and reached out to her directly. This fateful encounter led to her securing a paid position as a part-time Production Assistant at No Trace Films. Ella is currently immersed in developing branded content for client AQA. The invaluable experience she has gained has opened doors to a world of future opportunities in the creative industry.  

Iconic Steps proudly stands as the catalyst for these incredible connections, proving that freelance and flexible work in the Creative Industries is the real deal.  

We’ve got your back! Join us and get equipped with the tools and knowledge to forge a fulfilling and flexible career path in the media industry. 



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