From Brixton to Cannes Lions – Iconic Steps founder joins LBB & Friends beach panel

Last week, Founder Victoria Ijeh joined LBB & Friends beach panel – ‘Diversity, Let’s cut the crap. Alongside Maria McDowell – Lollipop mentoring CIC, Patrick BennettMomentum Worldwide, Ursula Mejía MelgarDiageo 

With over 10-years’ experience in film, it was a great opportunity for Founder Victoria Ijeh to be invited down to Cannes Lions film festival and be part of the conversation. Sharing her insight on what’s really working and how can we amplify it, the panel was an honest talk and conversation about diversity initiatives, how to get uncomfortable to enact change and how best to create an environment for talent to succeed in. 

LBB’s article on the panel detailed that ‘one of the big conversations was around mentorship – a vital tool if companies want to not just hire diverse talent but retain it. “Nurturing talent is so important,” said Victoria. “So many companies need to take on the extra effort to nurture someone into a role instead of just leaving people to fend for themselves in the industry, which is why so many people are dropping out.” Patrick also revealed the beneficial flipside to mentorship, explaining how mentors themselves will learn and get better at their own jobs as a result of mentoring someone. 

When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, the industry has talked a big game, but progress has been slow. In a system rigged towards privilege, it can be an exhausting, uphill battle, but this is an industry of tireless problem solvers and brilliant ideas and initiatives abound.’ 

Victoria specifically shared light on ‘how people are being recruited into roles and the limit of access to opportunities.’ She highlighted how ‘Iconic Steps enjoys working with companies that are on the forefront of change and understanding that the work starts from within to change the industry as a whole.’

Our commercial arm at Iconic Steps allows us to do this as we connect young people into production opportunities where they get hands-on experience. 

By being at the festival, Iconic Steps had the chance to meet and network with leading companies within the advertising industry. With these new connections Iconic Steps is able to offer more production opportunities to our diverse young people.

If you would like to support the impact Iconic Steps is making, partner with us today.


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