WHO’S IN YOUR CREW? #inclusivity

On Monday 9th October at Picturehouse Central I spoke about the reasons why I started Iconic Steps and how we support young people as part of the 61st BFI London Film Festival.

WHO’S IN YOUR CREW was a practical industry event aimed at improving inclusion and diversity behind the camera by inviting organizations who train and help to source talent from under-represented groups to showcase their work.

It was great to see the British Film Institute and The Production Guild giving the mic to grassroots organizations, like us. The variety of companies – MAMA Youth Project, Four Corners, TriForce Creative Network, Reel Angels, Modern Tales, The BFI Film Academy, The Film Crew and Iconic Steps – is a testament to the need of an inclusive industry supporting people from under-represented groups such as BAME and disabled.

I set up Iconic Steps to help change the mindset of young people as I found that some don’t believe in themselves or think they even belong in the industry so when an opportunity is given to them they don’t necessarily grab it with both hands and fly. Iconic Steps specifically supports those who need our help i.e not in education or training, unemployed, to grow in confidence through coaching, access free training opportunities and jobs in the Film and TV industry, so they not only get their foot in the door but are able to thrive in the industry. Alongside this, our young people create all our video and photography work for our clients proving that once an opportunity is given – they do fly!

The impact of this event, for us, is already evident as we have made new connections and are now known by more companies – so again I say THANKS – my hope is that the inclusivity is not just a fad but stands the test of time.


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