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What a better way for Iconic Steps to celebrate our 10 year anniversary by giving our Alumni the chance to meet the iconic Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

This amazing opportunity was given to us by our partner ELEVATE to which we got to select 4 young people Sky Ceaser, Davina Clarke, Tamoy Phipps and King Simpson to represent Iconic Steps.

On the 22nd June 2022 as part of Windrush day our Alumni had the honour of showcasing Iconic Steps by supporting the warm welcome of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Brixton house. The event provided the opportunity to discuss ways in which to diversify the creative sector but also to have a community focused creative and cultural sector.


We had the chance to meet up with some of those Alumni to give you the inside scoop on how the day went!


Sky Caesar is a 22-year-old writer and creative with two IMDB credits in film and experience within micro-budget / art fund films. She says that this experience has given her a chance to discuss “implementing change so that POC artists can combat tokenism approaches to Black History,” as every conversation can lead to change.


King Simpson, a young and ambitious artist on an empowering mission also agreed with Sky, saying he felt inspired to see that there is a focus on the futures of young people. “I was encouraged by their positive words, and I believe that more recognition from people in authoritative positions is needed.” King expressed how the opportunity was giving a young person the opportunity to meet someone of influence has encouraged him to have more confidence in himself and understand how change can be made if we all work together.


Tamoy Phipps, a young aspiring film maker described the experience as ‘positively surprising’ as she did not expect “The Duke and Duchess to be interested in understanding our journeys within the creative industry and how organisations like Iconic Steps have helped to impact us. Iconic Steps really help to make that step into the industry far more accessible.” Tamoy is just one of our many Alumni we help elevate! Her words of advice for those trying to get into the creative industry is, it can be done, you do not have to be on the outside looking in.”


At Iconic Steps we strive to implement change and give opportunities to young people who may not have access to certain privileges- we get them in the door to reach their full potential! Events like these inspire our young people and show them a different perspective.


The value 10 years has created, only makes us more excited for the next 10 years of opportunities and uplifting young people through ensuring diversity has infiltrated the media industry and has taken its hold.


Icons recognise icons and we’re excited to connect our young people with titans of the media industry.

In order to achieve this we need you to partner with us to provide opportunities to our young icons.

If you’re interested in joining our Alumni or working with us as a partner,  click on link !



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